Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stori: when it's time to say "when"

I have had enough.

We pride ourselves on our simple living, but it's not really that simple. I don't understand as a human why I more resemble a pack rat? Every trip to town has to include a stop at Walmart, or Lowe's, or the BX just to pick a few things up that we may need, and it always ends up with buying a cartload of crap we don't. Why do we do this? Do we over buy in order to prove to ourselves that we are financially stable? That we can afford it? Do I buy unnecessary items because of some primal need to stock pile in case of some unknown disaster?


I spent the greater part of this morning going through all of our flotsam just to find I don't NEED any of it. My kids have too much. They appreciate nothing. An over flowing toy box does nothing except promote carelessness with their toys because there is always more. What's wrong with a 16 count box of crayons? Why do I insist on buying the 64? Does it make me a better Mom to provide my kids with boundless gifts? I think I might have this whole concept backwards. Starting today, I'm committing myself to the "Less is More" philosophy. I think if maybe my kids only had a handful of playthings, they might truly appreciate those belongings. We don't need to get a new shirt for Paige every time we step foot into Walmart. She has nice, un -tattered clothes, we don't NEED more of them. Will having enough shirts to wear a different one every day for a month make her a better person? Or will it just pass on this horrible affliction of always wanting more. Of never being truly satisfied with the simple beauties in life.


I am going to get rid of the unnecessary things in my life. Get back to the basics. I am going to start with myself. Charity options here we come! Out go the clothes I don't wear, the shoes that are collecting dust. The unused items will find a new home with someone who will be able to actually use them, not just collect them. I need to write a shopping list of the absolute necessities we require, and stick to it! I will sit down with myself and have a good long talk. Does this thing make me happier? Does it benefit mine or my family's life? Will I miss it if it's gone? I think the answers will surprise me. I have to find a way to resolve this urge in my life. Less is more. Maybe, just maybe, if I start with myself, my children will follow. Let's hope I'm strong enough.

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  1. There's another wonderful benefit to moving out all the stuff that's occupying space in your home, Stori. When you move stuff and get rid of clutter, you are naturally moving the energy of your home. When stuff has been lying around a long time, the energy inside your home might feel heavy and stale. And if you are making actual room, the air (and the energy) is able to flow more freely, bringing you all kinds of benefits for your family's physical and emotional health. Just watch, you will even feel as if the air in the house were lighter!