Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stori: a new book of ideas

Speaking of cooking, ok, so nobody was actually talking about cooking, but it is a subject that I think about a lot. I received my new cook book last night at about 8:30. Any special mail that is delivered to our home is delivered to us by a contractor. He does this after his normal job, so we get late evening deliveries for the most part.
So let me begin by saying Hooray for PBS! Ever since PBS went digital, we are able to pick up 4 different versions of the station. One of them is called Create, and it is nothing but do it your self, arsty fartsy, crafts, cooking, and building. I love it! I am a cooking show junkie. A lot of evenings find Marc and I watching food network after the kids go to bed. Not that I need the cooking instructions, but it seems I always find some idea that inspires me to try something new. One night we were watching Create when we come across the show "America's Test Kitchen". There was this nerdy little gentleman with a bow tie and a billion ideas on how to improve everyday dishes and techniques. From how to peel boiled eggs easier to making the perfect meringue that won't weep. I was hooked.
A couple weeks ago, Marc and I were at our monthly Interior Alaska Trail Riders Association meeting when I was introduced to a lovely pork roast with orange marmalade glaze. Surprise, the recipe came from a recipe book from my America's Test Kitchen! I ordered it pretty soon after that night. 500 recipes, along with histories, backgrounds, tips, test kitchen ratings on everyday kitchen items. It is a beautiful thing. From complex dishes to the most basic of stuffed mushrooms and how to clean a portebello. For my friends who do not cook very much and are just getting started to my other friends that submerge themselves in the beauty of food everyday. I highly recommend this book. The Cook's Country Cookbook
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