Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stori: busy little week

It's not uncommon for me to not leave the property but once or twice a week. Usually on Saturdays Marc and the kids and I will make our way into Fairbanks for our weekly shopping trip. We'll maybe hit Walmart, Sam's Club, get some fuel, drop by the chainsaw shop, sell our eggs to the feed store, and pickup some grain for the cows and chickens. For a while there I was getting the chance to meet Marc 3 times a week at the gym on the Air Force base where he works, but that's not really town, just a base. This week is altogether different.

I have had some back pain and finally got the chance to get into see a doctor. Marc is retired Air Force so we still have all of our military benefits. They seem to think I may have a herniated disk, so they signed me up for P/T on Thursday on base. Friday, I'll have to drive all the way to town for an eye exam to renew my contacts, that's end up taking several hours there and back. Saturday is the big day though! My daughter Paige is brilliant. She's a 5th grade student and at the top of her class. Several months ago, they had a class spelling bee, she took 1st. That moved her on to the school wide bee which had 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. She took 1st again! I knew she was smart, but she hadn't studied AT ALL, so we didn't figure she had much of a chance. Boy were we wrong. Since she was first in her school, she now moves on to districts. That bee will be held in Fairbanks on Saturday. We'll have to be there by 8 a.m. and it'll last at least 4 hours. Before I had kids, 4 hours in a spelling bee sounded like a boring version of hell, funny how everything changes when it's your little spawn up there spelling "Animosity". When we get home from town that day, we get the pleasure of castrating, immunizing, and clipping the tusks of 26 angry squealing baby pigs.

It's amazing to me how much little trips like these stress out my family. If my youngest two aren't with us, they stay with Gram and Papa. I never could imagine how much I would come to enjoy our little daily schedules. When you throw a monkey wrench into the spokes via a (gasp!) eye exam, it messes up my whole day. I never feel as content and as just right as when I am at home with all my little chicks around me. I do know how lucky I am to have the opportunity to live this way. My kids have never known day care and I doubt they ever will. The only time they are away from me is school, in Paige's case, or when they are hanging out with their grandparents who they adore. My son Colt is constantly begging me to send him over to Papa's house during the day. He and Pop just hang out, watch cartoons, swing, eat suckers, whatever it is they do. So hopefully by Sunday, my life will be back to normal and I won't be forced to go out in the public eye again for another week. Free to stay at home with my cooking, baking, cleaning, and kid herding.

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