Friday, May 29, 2009

where does it all go?

It's been over a month since I posted last here. All winter long, I have excess time to fill. My house is clean, laundry is caught up, full elaborate meals are cooked. I go to the gym, I create new recipes, I chat on the computer with my long distance friends. It all gets turned upside down once summer shows it's sunshiny face. My family can barely finish breakfast before we are running outside to enjoy the world!

I have immersed myself into bird watching field guides. Marc cleared several trees from the banks of the slough this last winter, opening up the view. All the years I have lived on this property, I had no idea what kind of vast bird activity we really do have on the slough! Come to found out, we have ducks living in my front yard I have never seen before. I can sit for hours on my front porch with my bird books watching the ducks.

I sold my big Appy horse Jake this spring. He went to a wonderful little new horse family with a horse crazy mom, an adventurous dad, and two teenage boys. I knew he was going to the right home when she asked if it was possible to brush him TOO much. From what I hear, he's very fat and happy and living the high life. Since Jake found a new job, I ended up with a new old project horse, Rusty. We owned Rusty a couple years ago and used him as a my dad's trail horse. He was being horribly neglected at the last place, so back he came to the fat farm. 200 pounds underweight, kicked, cut, dehydrated, and ignored, after only 3 weeks he's looking like a new horse. Ol' Rusty and I have a tentative relationship. He doesn't like me, and I prefer my Heidi. We have some issues to work through, but I have high hopes for this little horse.

We lost our little weenie dog, Moose, to wolves last week. Out of the 3 dachshunds, he was far and above my favorite. He was my little chore buddy. He was always out and about, sniffing around or hunting. The other two dogs spend their days sleeping and finding different places to sleep. Moose just wandered a little too far from the yard one night. We have had a bit of a wolf problem in the neighborhood recently and I guess his adventurous ways finally caught up with him. He will be missed.

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  1. So glad to read your post! I’ve missed your entries.

    I’m sorry about Moose, I’m sure you WILL miss him. Your other two dachshunds sound like ours, sleeping as much as they can without missing meals and a little love.